What is Spoon?

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What is Spoon Radio?

What is Spoon?

What is Spoon?

Spoon is an app for listening to and creating audio live streams. You can find people talking about just about any topic under the sun, from relationships, to daily life, to sports, to music and more. On Spoon, a live stream is called a LIVE, and users go LIVE with a single click of a button. On Spoon you can support your favorite streamers (we call them DJs) by purchasing virtual gifts for them. They can redeem the gifts for cash.

How is Spoon different from video live streaming?

More people go LIVE on Spoon than on video live streaming platforms because it is safe, anonymous, and easy. Unlike video live streaming you don’t have to change how you look, or prepare the scene for the camera. You can just start talking and take the app with you wherever you go. Also, because our community is based on audio, you will not find any porn on the Spoon platform. The thing about video live streaming is that it is all about how you look. Many Youtubers, for instance, have to spend a lot of time thinking about makeup, lighting, and their setup. None of that is true for Spoon – you can just start talking, and most times someone will be there to listen.

Where is Spoon from?

Spoon started out in Korea, and quickly launched in Indonesia, Vietnam, the Middle East, Japan, and the United States.  In Japan and Korea, Spoon has become so popular that many people make a living as DJs – or “Spooners.”

Part of the reason that the service grew quickly in Asia is that young listeners had not grown up with radio in the same way their parents did. In fact, in Asia as well as elsewhere, young users had only ever known the smartphone as their source of media and of connections. Of course there are some audio-only options available – internet radio and podcasts – but few innovations had happened in the audio space to make it truly interactive in the same way that video and text have become. Also, young Koreans and Japanese are used to the idea of giving digital gifts as a form of tipping.

That combination of the right sort of interactive content and the right payment model to support content creators was an immediate hit.

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