History (En)


After working through a previous start-up failure, the team behind Spoon joined together to create an audio social network that would let people share real stories, without the facade or ego of regular social networks.

  • 2013 | Spoon is Born 🍼

    The team bonds over hardship and wants to transform connecting online

  • 2016 | Korea Launch 🇰🇷

    Audio live streaming has become popular for those that are camera shy

  • 2017 | Indonesia & Vietnam Launch 🇮🇩🇻🇳

    A quick international expansion lands local teams in Jakarta & Ho Chi Minh

  • 2018 | Japan & MENA Launch 🌏

    The desire for audio social spreads, with more people sharing than ever

  • 2019 | USA Launch 🇺🇸

    Spoon enters the American market with a goal to shake things up